Wisdom From Everything

Wisdom From Everything


Welcome to my world of natural wonders and outdoor adventures through the lens! I’m Xiaolei, an avid amateur landscape photographer, on a perpetual quest to capture the breathtaking beauty of our planet. Through this website, I invite you to join me on a visual journey that celebrates the magnificence of nature.

This website serves as a gallery of my adventures. As you explore my portfolio, you’ll witness landscapes from around the world, each with its unique charm and story to tell. I believe that photography is not just about capturing an image but also about conveying the emotions, the stories, and the essence of the place. Through my lens, I hope to transport you to these incredible locations, evoking the same awe and wonder that I experienced firsthand.

In addition to showcasing my work, this website also hosts a blog where I share my insights, tips, and tales from the field. Whether you’re a fellow photography enthusiast seeking technical advice or simply a nature lover looking for inspiration, my blog is a space where we can connect and learn together.

Photography is my way of celebrating the world’s beauty, and I’m delighted to share that celebration with you. Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet, and I hope you find inspiration, serenity, and a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors in the images and stories I’ve captured.

Join me on this visual adventure, and together, let’s explore the wonders of the natural world, one frame at a time.



这是笼罩在来自几亿光年甚至几万亿光年星光中的渺小,又惊叹于一双眼睛便能容纳整个宇宙。 Read More "太子尖的星空"


季节交替之际,江南地区尚未完全散去的湿气,加上逐渐下降的气温,在清晨的湖边和树林中,我们遇见晨雾的几率会很高。 Read More "晨雾"